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Constantin Botezat - un tânățr si valoros artist

Artistul basarabean Constantin Botezat , fost student al Universității de Artă și Design din Cluj-
Napoca. Pe parcursul anilor 2019-2020 și-a desfășurat activitățile artistice în Londra, unde a ajuns
prin intermediul programului Erasmus.
Tânărul și-a expus lucrările în cadrul mai multor instituții,astfel organizând 12 expoziții de artă.
Acestea fiind următoarele : ”

Gala MAD-Aid 2019 - Masquerade”, “Tablouri cu Suflet/ Painting with
soul” Talent Festival, Victoria Hotel Plaza,"Carols and Donate” AMMB, Adryan’s, “Transylvania”
Husk Creative Space, "Spirit of the Bessarabian Landscape" The European Bank, “Fossey's
Project“ Liberte Concept Gallery, “Open Art Exhibition I” Capital Art Gallery, “Venice & London”
Capital Art Gallery, “Boundaries & Beyond Part II" Espacio Gallery, "Boundaries & Beyond Part I"
Espacio Gallery, "Roots&Rifts" Espacio Gallery, "Muse” Espacio Gallery.

Fiecare dintre expozițiile lui Constantin sunt strâns de legate de evenimente de caritate,
promovarea culturii Românești și a Republicii Moldova, dezvoltarea spiritului de echipa dintre
artiștii internaționali și susținerea comunității creative.
Majoritatea lucrărilor expuse de către Constantin reprezintă locuri pitorești din Republica Moldova și România. De asemenea, artistul șia expus lucrările în creion și picturile în ulei.

Marea Britanie este ce-a de a șasea tară în care pictorul de 25 de ani își dasfășoară activitățile
artistice. Constantin susține că din cauza pandemiei proiectele sale din Asia au fost anulate, dar
neaparat tânărul artist va revenii la ele pe parcursul anului următor.

Mai multe informții despre expozițiile din Regatul Unit:
"Gala MAD-Aid 2019 - Masquerade”, London (U.K).

This event took place on January 25th 2020 and it was organised by MAD, a charity
organisation which stand for a world where children and adults with special needs have
access to the same opportunities as others to fulfil their life’s ambitions, a world where we
can all live safely with dignity, respect, and quality care.
The program( Medical Aid Delivery) facilitates the transfer of high-quality equipment no
longer needed by British hospitals (NHS) to hospitals in dire need of improvement. At the
same time, it helps the UK hospitals save the cost of storage or disposal of equipment they
no longer need. They went on to establish and operate a UK-standard modern day care
and early intervention and rehabilitation centre for children and teenagers with special
The founder and CEO of MAD-Aid is Victoria Dunford, Awarded Civic Medal in 2015 by the
president of Republic of Moldova. Awarded British Empire Medal in the Queen’s 2017 New
Year Honor list for services to children with special needs in northern Moldova. And she’s
as well the Author of Get MAD! The Life and Times of a Madwoman. Victoria Dunford
organized a charity art exhibition at this event where she invited Mr. Constantin Botezat to
participate with his art works. This event had a great success and it reunited very
respected and successful people from the United Kingdom.
“Tablouri cu Suflet/ Paintings with soul” Talent Festival, Victoria Hotel Plaza,
London (U.K.)
This exhibition took place on December 21st, at Victoria Park Plaza Hotel, in London and
it was organized by Mr. Constantin Botezat at The Festival of Talents of the Moldovan
Diaspora. It was a charity art exhibition where Mr.Constantin with other artists managed
to raise founds and join the campaign LIFE FOR ROBERT.
This was the first Festival that unifies the entire Moldovan diaspora from the United
Kingdom. Being organized by UncageX– an international community of Moldovan
entrepreneurs representing a movement towards self-development, transformation and
exploration – with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in the United
Kingdom, this festival aims to promote the image of Moldova and to strengthen the love
of its people for their roots.
Another goal of the festival is to present and promote the organizations of the Moldovan
Diaspora in UK, as well as the services and products created and delivered by Moldovan
citizens who are settled in the United Kingdom.
The Festival of Talents of the Moldovan Diaspora, just as its name suggests, had guests
talented people from Moldova who are already beloved by the public or are just newly
introduced to it.
This exhibition was a great success with an audience of 500 people at the opening night.
"Carols and Donate” AMMB, Adryan’s, London (U.K).
This exhibition took place on December 15th at the Adryan’s in London, United Kingdom.
This charity event was organized by Victoria Dunford where she collaborated with
Constantin Botezat again for a great cause, to help those in needs and to give them more
opportunities. Among the guests were the Ambassador of Republic of Moldova from the
United Kingdom and many other respected people.
“Transylvania” Husk Creative Space, London (U.K.)
This exhibition was part of the Continuum program of the HUSK. Continuum is a 6 month
artists' residency program here at Husk. Where each artist is encouraged to participate in
critiques, art trips, group events and collaborative work during their time there culminating
in a four-week solo show in the gallery space. Husk aim to build a culture that celebrates
art in all its forms, creating relationships with the artists that last beyond their time of
residency with us. I had the chance to present a series of works which represented
different place from Transylvania. The technique of the works were pencil on paper. This
exhibition was appreciated by the entire community of Husk and had over 2 thousands
viewers during that period.
"Spirit of the Bessarabian Landscape" The European Bank, London (U.K).
On Thursday, November 8, at the European Bank in London, the personal exhibition of
Constantin “Spirit of the Bessarabian Landscape”, opened. This exhibition is part of an
event organized by the cultural program of the EBRD and the Embassy of the Republic of
Moldova in the United Kingdom. During the evening, three short films were presented to
the public: "Ana" directed by Natalia Saufert, "Evadarea" directed by Nicolae Negara and
"Chers Amis" directed by Valeriu Andriuta which represent various problems of our
societies. Following the short footage, a brief discussion and a series of questions with
the three film directors came up.
During the event he presented a series of works that represent the traditions and culture
of the Romanian people, the purpose of which was to make the image of the Republic of
Moldova known to the British public. This exhibition is therefore an important event for
the development and artistic career of the young painter. This event is the fourth
exhibition organized by myself in the United Kingdom.
"The event took place thanks to the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in the United
Kingdom and to the whole team to which I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. This
exhibition is an important step in my career and that will give me a huge motivation to
continue to carry out more international projects! ” Said Botezat.
This exhibition had a great success with over 500 viewers at the opening night, among
the guests were the Ambassadors of Romania and Republic of Moldova from the United
“Roots & Rifts" Espacio Gallery, London (U.K).
Constantin participated in the exhibition "Roots and Rifts", opened at the Espacio Gallery
in London. The art show brings together a groups of national and international artists, the
works of the exhibition mirroring the exploration of a wide range of observations and
experiences based on foreignness and identity, as well as memories, impressions that
each artist has acquired during his journey through life. At the same time, the exhibition
represented an important event in his career this being the fifth exhibition of the artist in
the United Kingdom. Among the guests of the event were the successful actress from
Hollywood, Bessarabian Silvia Busuioc and the British actor Cengiz Dervis. Please find
their support letters attached.
The event took place thanks to curator Ana Cockerill and the entire team at Espacio
Gallery, who are extremely grateful for this opportunity. This exhibition represents an
important step in my career and that will give me a huge motivation to continue to carry
out several international projects.
This exhibition had over 300 viewers at the opening night.
"Muse” Espacio Gallery, London ( U.K. )
On Thursday, June 21, Constantin Botezat presented my work at Espacio Gallery,
London, in the exhibition "Muse". The exhibition presents a wide range of works by a
select group of artists, this event being in fact the first exhibition of the Bessarabian artist
in the United Kingdom. The event was curated by Carlos de Lins and is therefore an
important event for the development and artistic career of the young painter. Most of the
works and exhibitions organized by the young man represent his contribution in
perpetuating the cultural traditions of his nation.
“Venice & London” Capital Art Gallery, London (U.K.)
Title of the Exhibition: “Venice & London”
Date: August 10th-12th 2019
About the gallery: Capital Art Gallery was opened in April 2015. The Basis of the Gallery is
for the artists (both professional as well as up and coming) to be able to display their work
to the public. Every style and medium of art is accepted, as we like the visitors to have
the choice of variety. The Gallery holds up to 500 various pieces of Art, and no piece of
Art is displayed for a period of longer than 4 weeks, as we feel the regular visitors need to
find something refreshing on each occasion.
At Capital Art Gallery, you will find, Watercolours, Acrylic, Pastels, Oils, Glassware,
Pottery, Hand made Jewelry, amongst many other mediums.
We have work displayed from local artists, alongside Top European Artists from Germany,
Russia, Lithuania, and Hungary. Our aim is to make sure that the Gallery remains diverse
in aspects of Art and its creators.
“Fossey's Project“ Liberte Concept Gallery, London ( U.K.).
On September 13th at the Liberte Concept Gallery in London Constantin opened to the
public his personal exhibition “Fossey's Project”. This exhibition aimed to support the
projects created by the Ellen Fund. And the money collected from the sales of the works
was donated to this beautiful initiative.
The Ellen Fund supports global conservation efforts for endangered Founded in 2018 by
Portia de Rossi as a gift to Ellen DeGeneres, our immediate focus is to secure a future for
wild mountain gorillas by building The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund a permanent home.
And while it happens to be Ellen’s name on the Fund, one person alone can’t do this
without the help, support, funding and love of a large community. The Ellen Fund is and
always will be a team effort. It’s a forum for people around the globe to be able to join
Ellen on this journey, an invitation for people to get engaged and walk with us to help our
planet. It is, in fact, the only way that we can save these animals... with our help.

Ursan Maria    6/13/2020


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