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Scapegoats sanctity

< E Pluribus Unum >

We all experienced it: from childhood to adulthood and beyond. We all suffered, and maybe still do, because of it. For, many times, it takes us by surprise when we are most unprepared by the unscrupulous methods of taking advantage of the misfortunate. It seems that much of it is somehow imbedded in us willy-nilly, forgoing the notions of elementary human justice, respect, education, reasonable behavior and humanity in all its glory. Some argue that inclinations and caprices like ill-will, hate, viciousness and deriving pleasure from cruelty, are only the surface of what persist hidden, reminiscent of wild animals and, perhaps, some humans somewhere. And yet, other species starting with the mighty Gorillas do not practice it as such, although they may fight for food or defending their family, friends and territory. Nothing of the sort with us humans. For, we believe that we are better than the other species and savage beasts. And yet some of us, uneducated and ignorant, give in to unchecked natural misconstrued reactions emphasizing the mixed needs to revenge for being deprived of personal pleasures related to our individual sustainability and logic. So, we react without much thinking! Justified or not, blaming someone else for our own wrong doing as we refuse to admit that this is a kind of sickness only in humans! For, even our beloved pets and a few other species do remember kindness, love and enmity aversions and they react accordingly by intuition, if nothing else: visiting for the first time someone with dogs I noticed their usual postman would be afraid to enter unless they kept their barking dog in check. And I, a stranger, there for the first time, their ferocious dog would fawn and licking while guiding me into the house. Why? Simple logic will not explain it. What made me and, perhaps a few others, so special! After all, I was a total stranger and the dog barely sniffed me and started to play with me. How come? It had no time to get used to me and my scent; so, naturally, when I asked around thereafter, many shrugged while others - people of God or not - seemed to look at me differently, with mixed innuendos and some funny comments which they improvised while petting my head. Clear insinuations, I'd say. What did they imply? And this is why some disliked me for? Hmm… Furthermore, along the way as times went by while maturing, I witnessed others who did not react the same even for identical experiences. Their ways of expressing kindness or discontent was not the same. Their voice's inflections and even body language did not seem to support what they were saying. So, how could they utter the same words, but mean differently! What was going in their minds? Was it a genuine meaning or the result of hidden selfish interests resulting from shadowy greed and the growing gap between the poor and the rich or, perhaps, political affiliations! What else? As I grew up learning the elegance of acceptable behavior, I realized and tried to understand the reasons for those others' mischievous intent and the resulting misconduct while wrong doing and blaming others for it. Was this meant to explain the scapegoat label implying the result of someone tricked into a suffering situation due to others' disguised wrong attitude while causing them to suffer or die even, sooner or later? So, I was not the only one whose naďveté was molested and taken advantage of. Or, in other words, machinations behind our backs by the unscrupulous that should not happen in a civilized society.
Alerted, I started to witness such happenings more often than not, especially when a few times it affected me directly while in school, at work and later in various walks of life…. For, one's sense of preservation seems to be misplaced when stirring mostly those perceived as trying to stop our misdeeds at any level. We elect supposedly trustworthy leaders to defend us of such dissonance even when imposed by natural or health related causes. For the uneducated naive people - young or old - do need a plain language explanation to understand why there is more talk than deeds benefiting their livelihood. Or else, why should they purchase a certain merchandise or vote for charlatans? By the time they realize they were duped and tricked, they already have become scapegoats! Of course, it is easier to blame someone or something else, rather than have a good character and accept personal responsibilities with the appropriate consequences. So, why not blame others? An individual, a family and even those watching for others' malicious behavior of all equal in the eyes of the unscrupulous? How else would a penetrator preserve or even grow a fake image about oneself, simply, by blaming others' faults? If we remember well, we experienced them, even mildly, throughout elementary or high school as well as other life's callings, depending on circumstances encompassing out own innocent gullible nature and unsuspecting ambitions that facilitates the others' misbehavior.
We all want to succeed one way or another, without trespassing degrees of morality and ethical conduct that may derail our acceptance as well-meaning people. Of course, we felt tempted to short-cut the society's orderly path. For, we feel titillated by the creative challenge of finding shortcuts to get where we want in shorter time than the normal life's dynamics allows without considering or accepting to cheat at the cost of others. Let alone blame them for the handicaps. Sure, it might be an unexpected challenge demanding extra smartness and strategizing within the latitude of civilized respect and lawful behavior with certain sacrifices included. The "One for all and all for one" describing the famous Musketeer's undisputable credo is still valid today unless, that is, faulty politicians and other criminal minds concoct so-called 'shortcuts' to bypass and lawful conduct towards selfish gains. Even some of our dedicated pets sense it and even have it! The proposed short cuts to achieve control-power and get rich rapidly lure a lot of hooligans, charlatans, scoundrels and impostors. These are but a few labels for those kinds of humans needing to resort and adopt such faulty belief that they are and deserve more than others. Their hidden scoop being to subdue the masses and amass fortunes even beyond what certain corporations have achieved globally! Those joining them may even have a sense of false fun and pride for following pseudo-leaders smarter than they are and who, unbeknown to them, plan to allocate the blame for the malfeasance imposed unsuspectingly on them and the others.

Who, me...why not them! The false sense of being somebody to recon with, may linger without recognition for what it is but for the charlatans' false impression of what power consists of beyond muscles and money. And so, throughout the history of civilization, behavioral rationale and excuses, entire societies were decimated by individuals and their lackeys, supposing to enhance humanity and lead the masses towards better living conditions. It was not enough to put up with the humans' natural incongruities. The notion of right, wrong and compassion have no point of reference in their mind, except when they are caught and ask for clemency. The weak, malicious and unscrupulous personalities' greed does not seem to satisfy their animalistic appetite. For their vitriolic character is still marked by envy, jealousy, a particular life-style, crated by sick cleverness and fastidious logic, managing to survive by manipulating eve-growing lies. Thus, by converting and attacking natural honesty and sense of justice, many a time they cause false revenge, torture and death! Who cares if, as a result of one's false testimony and doings, would enhance his or her image within the upper class? For, they are here surrounded by fear and their own lecherous behavior. The trouble is that, like a plague, such manipulative false status of security and wellbeing have penetrated also certain ranks of Society and even various religions, despite their peaceful coexistence around the world. With the economic fluctuations and the praise for money, more than justice and peace, it afflicted false dreams of being recognized as someone of importance beyond the individual talents. Thus, the loss of respect and trust! Hence, the unlishment of the inner human beast leading to unrest, mayhem, genocide and the Gangs' and Politicians' coalition to steal as much as they can despite a Constitution they swore by… For, let us face it, how else would they have attained the lifestyle and perks they live in? As for those who are true exceptional human beings dedicated to help the people, starting with the deprived poor, they were and are killed or made as scapegoats with false testimonies that the ignorant can swallow and even act upon. Of course, none of us are immune of human frailties, but twisting those into social and political assassinations is against what we achieve and aspire for an orderly civilization away from treachery. None of us have been born with it… Certainly, they do not teach it neither in normal schools nor universities. Except for a few tribal misguided Chiefs, inherited traditions always contributed to the respect of others. Actually, both history and advanced sciences are attesting why we arrived to be the way we are starting from birth. And yet, there is so much more happening a month or two before we've been born. I know it, because I've been there! Perhaps, you too, but did not realized it until now. Hence, the question: why we are so much alike and yet, so much different in our thinking and behavior when we all want to belong to a healthy, well educated family that we can provide for and defend in case that other species don't respect us, including the human behemoth! Maybe, you are not yet aware of realities that we have limited say in the matter, except for the economic purchase power and political voting. Hopefully, for one who is dedicated to humanity and the people, more than just his own whims, may even be surviving scapegoats and be thus, martyrs without realizing it!

SCAPEGOAT: It refers to the tendency to blame someone else for one's own problems often results in feelings of prejudice toward the person or group that one is blaming. Scapegoating also serves as an opportunity to explain failure or misdeeds, while maintaining one's positive self-image. A person, people, a group, a social class, sect or religion, who are blamed for the mischief, wrongdoings, mistakes and criminal actions done by others, governments included. Greed and false assumptions mixed with viciousness caused by ignorance, lawfulness and fear of incompetency, Kind of persecution trying to entrap and blame others disregarding - even being amused by - their suffering and even death - disregarding their age and status causing immediate and even distant consequences. Essentially, scapegoating employs a stand-in proxy for one’s own failures so that one doesn’t have to face one’s own weaknesses. A real psycho-drama injustice that should attribute those afflicted to be considered as Martyrs.

Volume I - Essays
Editing: Ileana Matac Arco
Hollywood, California

Ray Arco    1/19/2020


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