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We are just days away from the total solar eclipse on Monday. : Where to Experience Totality in Southern Ontario 🌕

We are just days away from the total solar eclipse on Monday. Over the next four days, our focus will be on providing you with everything you need to know about the upcoming celestial spectacle!

To begin our coverage, we want to discuss the significance of 'totality' and how it offers a profoundly different experience compared to other parts of the province.

During totality, when the moon entirely obscures the sun, the environment experiences a dramatic and swift transformation. The day momentarily transitions into twilight, temperatures noticeably fall, animals often behave as if night has fallen, and the stars become visible in a sky crowned by the spectacular corona, shimmering around the moon's silhouette.

This corona, visible only during totality, is a fragile structure characterized by fine, threadlike strands extending from the dark disk of the moon, presenting a sight that cannot be replicated by cameras or telescopes observing partial phases.

Outside the path of totality, even with 99% coverage, the landscape remains lit by a fraction of the sun's light, maintaining a brightness level significantly higher than that of totality.

This residual light, though dim, obscures the most breathtaking aspects of an eclipse. While the temperature drops and the sky darkens, the magnificent display of the solar corona—the sun's outer atmosphere—stays hidden, along with the dramatic daytime appearance of planets and stars.

So, don't be deceived by percentages! Experiencing the full majesty of the solar eclipse requires being within the path of totality.

The path of totality will traverse the southeastern portion of Southern Ontario. We've provided a map highlighting some of the larger population centers in our region that will witness totality.

The duration of totality varies, lasting longer at the path's center and decreasing towards its edges. For instance, Kingston and Niagara Falls will enjoy more than 3 minutes of darkness, while Southeastern Chatham, near the path's boundary, will experience less than a minute.

The precise timing of totality is location-dependent, beginning at 3:13 PM in Leamington and concluding at 3:27 PM in Cornwall. This means totality will span a 15-minute window across Southern Ontario.

We hope this explanation sheds light on the fervor surrounding the path of totality.

Sophie A.V.    4/5/2024


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