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Resolutions for a New Year

With the closing of the Christmas holiday season and the arrival of the New Year, we find ourselves upon the time of year that brings both endings and new beginnings. Although we spend the eve and morning of this special day with lively celebrations, dancing and delicious feasts, on the following morning we may find ourselves a bit overwhelmed with the introduction to the upcoming year. It is in these moments, when all festivities are over, that sentiments of nostalgia, likely even anticipation and confusion, flow through our veins, reminding us of past New Year’s resolutions left unaccomplished. However, as cliché as it may sound, within all of that second guessing, the New Year provides us with an equal opportunity to seek and accomplish those unattained resolutions and dreams of ours.

For some, these dreams may include writing a book, getting in shape, progressing in their current career or potentially seeking a new one, a new exciting hobby, maybe even a new country or city to explore or settle down in. All of these dreams are valuable, as they are personal, to each and every one of us; yet somehow, we almost never end up accomplishing these life changing goals. It is almost as if we find ourselves entering each coming year with only scratches on the surface of our deep-rooted dreams.

Although I find myself in this same position, as most do, every new year, I believe there is some value within the mystery of these dreams left untouched. Firstly, I believe there is value to dreams left as dreams, rather than dreams used as plans for future realities. For instance, I love to dream about conquering the climb of Mount Everest, skydiving over the Mediterranean Sea, and even seeing our planet Earth from an orbiting space shuttle. However, knowing myself and my terrible fear of heights, I believe it is safe to say I would be much happier with my feet on the ground, and not thousands of meters in the air. With that said, by putting the expectation that I will accomplish these highly extraordinary dreams, I find myself with new sources of pressure and stress instead of enjoyment and relaxation. In order words, dreams should occasionally remain exactly what they are intended to be: an imaginary world to escape from our own and find inner peace and joy.

Having said that, I do not mean one should abandon all of their dreams and aspirations, as there would be no alpine climbers, no astronauts and no skydivers, if people took my advice to heart. Instead, I believe the value that lies within New Year's resolutions are the things we can learn about ourselves, by noticing them. For instance, my dreams to climb Mount Everest, skydive or fly to space don’t come from a love of thrill and adrenaline. Instead, I think that these dreams of mine are an indication for me to start stepping outside my own comfort zone, trying to find the adventure and beauty within my day-to-day life. Keeping this in mind, I am convinced I will find the same joy hiking up a trail at a park and viewing a beautiful sunset as I would climbing the largest mountain in the world.

Finally, I hope that everyone can look within their hearts to see what it is they truly desire for this New Year and life going forwards. Some may wish adventure while others may wish for relaxation, quality time or laughs with loved ones. Whatever it may be, January of 2023 is the beginning for us all to take a moment to step back and find what it is we truly “dream” of.

By Vlad Zamrii    1/16/2023


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